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katya_s69, Katy

You MUST read "Hunted" by Cheryl Rainfield

Posted on 2011.10.15 at 20:31
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Hunted review
Author: Cheryl Rainfield
5 out of 5 stars

Caitlyn lives in a world quite a lot like ours – with one major difference. Paranormal talents, while not necessarily common, exist in large enough quantity that the existence of them is known. However, many folks without the paranormal ability don’t understand what makes Paranormals tick – and as anyone can tell you, what people don’t understand, they fear; and what they fear – they seek to destroy. Paranormals are expected to register with the government – their rights are restricted and, at any time, they can be taken away by the government and forced to hunt for and betray other Paranormals. Brutality toward, and torture of, these Para-slaves is not only common, it is actively condoned. Caitlyn and her mother have been on the run for years – ever since the riots in which Caitlyn’s father was killed, and her brother Daniel was taken. They’ve landed in a city this time, and are trying to blend in. Caitlyn discovers a plot by a rogue group of Paranomals to take over the country and destroy the Normals, however, and no matter how much danger it puts her in, she believes that people should all have the right to live in peace and she does what she can to stop these events. Can she find the culprit in time – does she have the strength to do it – and will her Normal friends have the strength of will to keep her secret?

This is a truly amazing book – it has so many levels. On the surface, it is an entertaining paranormal thriller – dig a little deeper, and it has elements of the need to understand that all people have the right to live in peace and freedom – freedom from control, freedom from hate, freedom from abuse. There are messages of friendship and loyalty, of standing up for what you believe in – all very important. Although this book is described as young adult, I would recommend that parents vet the book, or that readers be at least 15 – there are some situations that might be upsetting to more sensitive souls. However, I do highly recommend this book – I think there are a lot of important messages in it, and that it is something about which people should be cognizant. Please pick up this book – it is scheduled to be available 10/27/2011 – and do yourself a big favor and read it.

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